Unit 6, Bynea Industrial Estate

Bynea, Llanelli


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The Carmarthenshire

Hog Roast Co.

Side Options



Spicy Tomato Pasta                Roast Mediterranean Veg           Pesto & Pinenut Pasta




Tuna & Onion Pasta                Oven-baked Potatoes                  Minted New Potatoes




Roast Veg Cous-Cous                     Chips & Dips            




Crusty Rolls & Butter                 Homemade Stuffing             Juicy Apple sauce

Here we have our list of side options to compliment your roast

PestoSalad RoastedVegetableCousCousSalad Roastedmedvegpastasalad SpicyTomatoPennePastaSalad TunaPastaSalad applesauce chips jackets potatoes rolls stuffing