Unit 6, Bynea Industrial Estate

Bynea, Llanelli


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The Carmarthenshire

Hog Roast Co.

Fully Serviced




There are 4 Standard Hog Options:


1  -   Basic but Brilliant Hog Roast or Lamb Roast



2   -  The Hogfather


3   - Hog Roast Deluxe


4 - Let's Toast The Roast Wedding Package



Fancy Something Different???


  -   Somerset Special Spit Roast Pork


   -   Mountain Fresh Lamb Spit


   -   Whole Spit-Roast Boar - Really Wild!



   -  Oh Dear....Venison Deluxe


   - Juicey Ox spit roast



    - The Spitfire Combo



    - BBQ Chicken Carousel




Extra side? Salad? Starter? Or fancy something sweet? Ask us and we can add it!

Corporate Event? Getting Married? Fancy a party? Sit back, take care of your Guests and let The Carmarthenshire Hog Roast Company take care of it for you.


We have a range of fully serviced options available.  For details of available salads, sides etc please go to our menus page.










50 KG free range Pig                                             Juice Apple Sauce

Crusty Bread Rolls                                                 Homemade Stuffing

Sizzling Crunchy Crispy Crackling





All as in ''Basic but brilliant'' plus 1 salad & 1 side option





All as in ''Basic But brilliant'' plus 2 salad, 1 side & 1 sweet.




All as in ''Basic but Brilliant'' with 2 salads, 2 sides, 2 starters & 2 sweets.











Apple cider is injected into the pork  producing a unique flavour and maintaining succulence. Served with Crispy crackling, Juicy Apple Sauce plus your choice of 2 sides & 2 salads.




Prime Welsh Lamb, Spit Roasted  and basted with regular, generous lashings of fresh rosemary, garlic, lemon juice, cracked black peppercorns and extra virgin olive oil. Served with lashings of mint sauce plus your choice of 2 sides & 2 salads.




Free range boar with a unique flavour of its own and  lovely crispy crackling njected with apple cider and accompanied by your choice of 2 sides & 2 salads.






What a spectacle! Spit Roast Venison with roast Chestnuts, accompanied with your choice of 2 sides & 2 salads.




A prime Welsh top bit, hung and matured for 21 days, Sit roasted for over 6 hours and continuously basted with freshly pulped garlic, parsley, lemon juice and olive oil. Provides satisfaction for all tastes from well done on the outside to very blue nearer the bone. Accompanied by your choice of 2 sides & 2 salads.





Can't decide? Then have both!  2 machines, 1 with a succulent Hog & 1 with a carousel of free range basted chickens. Served with your choice of 2 sides & 2 salads.






Smells Amazing....Looks Amazing......Tastes Out of this world!!

An ever turning Spit Roast Carouel of free range chickens treated with regular lashings of our homemade bastings . Choose as many bastings – Garlic and herb, citrus and herb, Peri-peri, Texas bbq, Cajun. Served with your choice of 2 salads & 2 Sides's.